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Hub System PC with Flexible OLED / 2007.04

No longer put PC on corner. Do harmonize with interior design. So, need design of familiar impression like furniture.

The world becomes complicated and technology develops, people want that do not get ahead of own instinct as is simple. simple, but that user finds change and make product still more plentifully... That is, derive so that can be well and handle creatively product by action and objet that own knows.


Turning Lamp starts up with a simple pull of a cord as if one were turning on a lamp. With pull the string to turn on the PC on then rotate the cube, the box changes into a different mode, from PC to music player to video player. It is simple and easy enough for each family member to operate. The focal point of this product is in its main body which works as home network hub. Also, with its mouse pen and touch screen keyboard (resembling tree branch) enables various interfaces.

ייעוץ משכנתאות פרטי

The main system is Connected to each Display by WI-FI. the PC as hub is linked by each display and wireless in home. At the same time, two people are possible PC use through each display. and User can trun PC easily from semiautomatic mechanism.